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Kachumber Salad - $7.00 Fresh Onion, Tomato, Cucumber tossed with lime, house masala, salt, and pepper (V/GF)

Gobhi Manchurian - $8.00 Crispy Cauliflower sauteed with home made spices served with delicious manchurian sauce (V)

Vegetable Samosa - $5.00 Crispy fried pastry stuffed with potatoes peas (V)

Vegetable Samosa Chat- $12.00 Crispy fried smashed pastry topped with chutney, mint, tamarind, chickpeas, yogurt (V)

Grilled Paneer Tikka - $7.00 Cottage cheese rectangles grilled in clay oven served with home made tikka sauce (GF)

Vegetable Pakora - $6.00 Fried crispy, crunchy mix veg fritters (GF/V)

Biryani's Entrees

Aromatic basmati rice cooked with any proteins/vegetables below, artistically layered, blended with house spices, flavored with fried onions (server with Raita)

VEGETABLE (V/GF) -$14.00

PANEER (GF)-$15.00



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Dinner Entrée Served With Rice

Tadka Dal - $12.00 Yellow Lentil simmered with onion,tomatoes and house spices (V)

Malai Kofta - $15.00 Homemade cottage cheese and potatoes cooked in rich creamy onion sauce (GF)

Baighan Bharta - $15.00 Mashed roasted eggplant cooked with house blended spices and authentic bharta process (GF)

Bhindi Masala - $15.00 Deep-fried Okra cooked with onion, bell pepper, tomato, and cumin seed. (V/GF)

Shahi Paneer (Korma) - $15.00 Cottage cheese chunks cooked in onion and cream sauce (GF)

Aloo Gobi - $15.00 Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with turmeric, fresh spice seed, and house spices (V/GF)

Chana Masala - $14.00 Chickpea, Onion, Ginger, Garlic-Based Sauce, Garam Masala (V/GF)

Aloo Chana - $14.00 Chick peas and potatoes cooked in onion sauce blended with house spices (V/GF)

Saag Chana - $14.00 Chickpeas and spinach cooked with house spices (V/GF)

Mutter Paneer - $15.00 Cottage cheese chunks with green peas cooked in onion cream sauce (GF)

Curry Specials

Dinner Entrée Served With Rice

Tikka Masala Tomato-Based creamy curry with house blended spices (GF)

Saag Thick spinach blended with house spices (GF)

Curry Onion based traditional curry sauce blended spices (GF)

Vindaloo Tangy, vinegary red curry blended with house spices and potatoes (GF)

Kadhai Thick curry with onion, bell pepper, tomatoes blended with house spices (GF)

Chettinad Thick rich creamy onion sauce with coconut, blended with house spices (GF)

Korma Thickened Rich Creamy Sauce (GF)

Please Pick The Protein To Go With The Sauce






Butter Naan - $3.00 White Flour Plain

Cheese Naan - $5.00 Cheese Stuffed white flour

Roti - $3.00 Whole Wheat Flour, Plain (V)

Garlic Naan - $4.00 White Flour garlic cilantro

Paratha - $4.00 Whole Wheat Flour Layered Texture with Butter

Bullet Naan - $5.00 Green chili stuffed white flour House spices

Aloo Paratha - $5.00 Potato stuffed whole wheat flour and house spices

Onion Kulcha - $5.00 Onion stuffed white flour with house spices

Puri/Poori - $5.00 White flour puffed up


Bread Pudding - $9.00 Desi Style Bread Pudding, Vanilla Sauce

Kulfi - $7.00 Traditional Style ice cream

Gulab Jamun - $5.00 Berry Sized Balls, Dunked In Rose Flavored Syrup

Rasmalai - $7.00 Milk, Sugar And Saffron

Rice Pudding - $5.00 Rice Mixed With Milk, Cinnamon and Raisins

Chocolate Mousse - $9.00 Dark Chocolate, Sugar, cream


Pellegrino Water -$6.00

Mango Lassi - $5.00

Masala Chai - $3.00

Indian Black Tea - $2.00

Milk - $2.00

Club Soda -$2.00

Ginger Ale -$2.00

Sprite -$2.00

Coke -$2.00

Diet Coke -$2.00

Lemonade -$2.00

Side Order

Grilled Vegetables - $7.00

Baby Potatoes - $7.00

Jeera Rice - $7.00

Lemon Rice - $7.00

Mint Sauce - $2.00

Tamrind Sauce - $2.00

Hot Sauce - $2.00

Yogart - $2.00

Mango Chatnee - $2.00

Mixed Pickle -$2.00

Extra rice -$2.00


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